Are we doomed?


In less than three weeks, after the relaxation of the lockdown, fuel pump price increased, electricity tariff bill increased, a whole lot of things are increased. Despite the hardships, the government still introduced more harsh policies

My greatest concern are for Nigerians, I inclusive. This should lead to a mass protest, but the reverse is the case.

A lot of Nigerians are “suffering and smiling” and people don’t know they have freedom in their hands.

The Oppressors have used intimidation to silence the voices of the people when it matters most.

In previous times, people would have taken to the Streets, but what we say today are keypad warriors.

It is a great displeasure for all of us, but these should concern the future the most. Sadly, same scenario I described there, happens here too. The futuristic promises won’t be realized, without the performance of our constitutional duties and raising our voices against tyrannical system of government.

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