3 Signs that you need a career change

Getting bored of your career is a normal thing and not an entirely new thing. Even people who love their jobs may find themselves bored or feeling dissatisfied as times goes on. A survey carried out by Korn Ferry in 2018 confirms that boredom is the top reason people quit their jobs. A further enquiry shows that roughly one-third cited the quest for a new challenge as the reason for leaving their jobs.

Career change

In fact, boredom is the top reason that people leave their jobs, according to a 2018 survey by Korn Ferry. Roughly one-third said that they were looking for a new job to find a new challenge.

Boredom in your job can be fixed by yourself by either

  • Taking up alien projects,
  • Innovating,
  • Creating Solutions.

This means you can fix boredom internally. However, if there are external factors causing the boredom, that may be a sign it’s time to change career.

Here are five signs that shows you need a change in your career, your work–life.

1. Your Situation is Affecting Other aspect of Life

When you allow your work circumstances to negatively affect other areas of your life, it’s time for a change. When you bring your job anger and depression home or to your family and friends, then it’s time for a change. The people at home or your friends won’t solve the problem. Only you can solve them.

According to a 2015 data from American Community Survey, low-paying jobs have the highest rate of divorce. This simply correlated to happiness in job equals happiness at home. When you work more than what you are paid, it negatively affects other aspect of your life.

2. Toxic Workplace

A toxic work environment or unhealthy leadership can have a negative impact on your happiness and job performance. It has been established by many researchers that being in a job you dislike is worse than being unemployed. You will feel used and at the end leave voluntarily or involuntarily. This will have a negative effect on your whole life.

3. Your values don’t align with your job

We all have values that we uphold no matter what. Getting a job might make us bend our policies a little for the salary. You may be able to fake it for a while, but it will come to a time where you ask yourself the ultimate question. Do you want to be doing this for the next couple of years? The moment you ask this question is the day you quit.

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