Football betting: How to beat the bookies

The German Bundesliga is back and it’s a matter of hours before the first set of matches kicks off.

football betting
football betting

Everyone is happy that they will be able to watch some quality football during this coVid19 period. The happiest are the bettors. There is now a Europe top 5 league that they can bet on. SRL can take a back seat for now.

Everyone is eager to fund their bet account with the hope of making one or two profits off the bookies.

Well, the truth is many will make the money and lose it in just one game. That’s the truth.

I have over 7 years of experience as a bettor and I know how this thing works. I have been there and trust me with what I said.

This post will guide you on how to maximize profits and minimize your loss. There are some steps you must take to achieve this. These steps will be explained below.



Choosing the right bookmaker is key to your betting success. You want a bookmaker that provides decent odds, won’t give you any hassles when withdrawing or depositing funds.

There are tons of bookmakers out there and it’s left for you to decide the best one. You need to consider availability too. Your preferred bookmaker might not be available in your region. These are the things you consider before making the final decision and pitching your tent with one bookmaker.

Bankroll Management

bankroll management
bankroll management

This is where most bettors get it wrong. Most bettors believe Betting is a get rich quick scheme and they just put all their money on a market with the hope of profit. If the game won, they get their profit and will try again next time. What about if the game lost? They gnash their teeth and curse the players involved.

The above can be avoided if they had good money management. You need to take betting as an investment. You need to think about the units.

The first thing to do in bankroll management is to set aside the funds you can afford to lose. For example $200.

The second thing is having a strict staking plan. Divide the $200 by 100 which will give $2. This $2 represents a unit and unit represents how confident you are on a pick.

Take for example Liverpool vs Derby county match. You are very confident there will be over 2.5 goals in the match. You can give it a unit of 6 or 7. This means you will stake $12 or $14 on over 2.5 goals. If it wins good and if it loses, you still have some funds left to fall back on.

That’s bankroll management for you. It prevents sudden Bankruptcy. You will have to lose 10units 10 times consecutively to go bankrupt. The chances of this are very slim. You can still minimize the risk by dividing by 200 as the case may be.

Bankroll Management lets you accumulate the wins little by little and prevent losing them all in a moment.

Bet record

Keep records of your bets and picks. This is very important. It let you know what is going on with your bets. You can easily see your strong areas and weak areas in Betting. It shows you that area to avoid.

Don’t chase your loss

betting loss
bet loss

This is easier said than done. Many bettors still do this every now and then. It is bad and you should stop. Everyone has a bad streak and once your own streak is on, take some time off betting.

Chasing your loss means you are going deeper into more loss. Accept your fate and move on.

If you follow this guide and put it into use, you won’t have any problem beating the bookies.

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