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Free online courses with certificate of completion

There are many users who ask me for free online courses with free certificates of completion. The certificate is something that boost their CV and can act as a front for them during employment process.

Some of the free courses out there doesn’t have free certificates or no certificates atall. That is why we have created a comprehensive list of free courses that issues certificate of completion. This is better than the major MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms like Udacity, Coursera, and Edx that charge for a printable copy of certificates.

The following free online courses will issue you a printable certificate in many courses with many even shipping it to your desired home address.

Below is a comprehensive list of the Best free courses with free certificates to take now in order to improve your skills and knowledge

Course NameCourse ContentPlatform
Aws ConceptThis course is to provide a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services.Udemy
Introduction to Cloud ComputingCloud Computing, Service Models, Essential Characteristics, Deployment ModelsUdemy
SEO Training course by MozLearn SEO tips and tricks in this SEO training course from MozUdemy

Become an Android Developer from Scratch
Simply the best place to start learning Android Development.Udemy
The Complete iOS 10 Developer – Create Real Apps in Swift 3Learn iOS 10 and Swift 3 & become an app entrepreneur. Includes $1200 of AWS service, tvOS and Sketch trainingUdemy
Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python  The Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib stack: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligenceUdemy
Machine LearningMachine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.Coursera
Data Structures and AlgorithmsMaster Algorithmic Programming Techniques.Coursera
Applied Data Science with PythonGain new insights into your data.Coursera
Statistics with RMaster Statistics with R.Coursera
Full-Stack Web Development with ReactBuild Complete Web and Hybrid Mobile Solutions.Coursera

Python for Everybody
Learn to Program and Analyze Data with Python.Coursera
Digital MarketingDrive Customer Behavior Online. A six-course overview of the latest digital marketing skillsCoursera
C# Fundamentals for Absolute BeginnersHow to write C#code, debug features, explore customizations, and much moreMicrosoft
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Become an SEO Expert. Master search engine optimization tools and strategiesCoursera
ASP.NET Core – BeginnerLearn How to build an ASP.NET Core app with Razor Pages MVC. Plus, get the details on logging and diagnostics.Microsoft
JavaScript Fundamentals for Absolute BeginnersLearn JavaScript exploring expressions, operators, and arrays, to options, classes, functions, and actually writing codeMicrosoft
SQL Database FundamentalsCreating tables, inserting data, data manipulation, optimize database performance, and work with non-relational data.Microsoft
UX FUNDAMENTALSHow to conduct basic user research and create user personas, and Best PracticesGymnasium
CREATING A WORDPRESS THEMEHTML/CSS design into a website that takes advantage of WordPress content management features including posts, pages, and plugins.Gymnasium
RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN FUNDAMENTALSIntroduction to responsive web design strategies and how to implement those strategies through HTML, CSS and JavaScriptGymnasium
CODING FOR DESIGNERSHow to translate graphic design to the web. Create A Complete Website With Twitter BootstrapGymnasium
Networking FundamentalsFind out how to put the many pieces together to build a functional and secure networkMicrosoft

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