Virtual credit card

How To Get Free Unlimited Virtual Credit Cards for use anywhere

Virtual credit card

Many websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pluralsight, Audible, and YouTube premium offer trial version that requires you to enter a valid credit card in order to test their premium version. This credit card will then be charged after the end of the trial period.

Many users don’t like putting their personal credit card so as to avoid these charges and that’s where Nairatag has come to help everyone.

I will show you how to get unlimited Virtual Credit Cards that work for any trial websites like Netflix, Pluralsight, Amazon Prime, Audible, and Youtube Premium

Materials needed

  • Smartphone
  • Valid Email address
  • Identity Card

How to get virtual credit cards

  • Download the Revolut application on your phone, and create a free account
  • Confirm your account and go to the Cards page to get a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)
  • You can use the card for free trials for Pluralsight, Scribd Netflix, Amazon prime and so on.

Note that you can create just 3 cards per month

Enjoy your Revolut virtual card

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