How to detect and clean computer virus or malware

Computer Virus is never a good thing atall. I have helped quite a number of friends in clearing virus infected computers. I also try to ask them some questions on how their computer get infected. Most of them don’t know.

I will take you through the process of detecting a virus infected computer and also clearing the virus off your computer

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How to know a virus or malware infected Computer?

There are various signs a virus/ malware infected computer will show. The common ones are

  • The computer is running very slow
  • Unexpected windows are popping up
  • Computer starts behaving strangely and giving numerous warnings every now and then
  • Inability to connect to the internet

The above are just few of the signs of a virus infected computer. The signs can range from severe to more severe that the computer will be practically useless.

Now that we know some of the signs of a virus infected computer, let’s take a look at how virus enters a computer.

How Computer’s get infected with Virus?

There are different ways which computers can get infected with virus. It can be simple like plugging in a storage device or downloading a malware infected file online.

One of the most common method is downloading an attachment in an email. This can lead to ransomware where all your computer files will be encrypted. You may not be able to recover your encrypted files until you pay a certain amount of money in exchange for the process to recover it and remove the file completely.

Your computer can get virus by the process described above or by downloading a virus infected file or by visiting a virus-infected website.

Many users accept any downloads on their computer by clicking yes. They do think it’s a part of their normal download not knowing it is malware. This is why you see many softwares on user computers which they have no knowledge of.

How to remove Virus/Malware from Computer?

Virus and malware can be removed from an infected computer by following two ways.

The first way is to scan the computer with a reputable anti-virus or anti-malware software. The software must have an updated malware definition engine and must be able to locate any malware available in the computer.

The second method is by reinstalling the computer’s operating system and formatting your hard drive. This is an assured way of removing any sort of malware or virus in the computer.

Malware Removal Software

There are many malware removal software out there with so many claims that are not real. Some of them cause more harm to the computer in the process of removing antivirus. They modify the registry which could harm the system if not done correctly.

The Malware software I recommend is Glarysoft Malware Hunter


Glarysoft Malware Hunter software has an engine based on Avira technologies and is used to detect and remove numerous types of malicious programs. It scans your computer and remove malwares.

The Glarysoft Malware Hunter Pro possesses a built-in system optimization utilities that help to speed up your computer.

You can read more about it https://www.nairatag.com/technology/glarysoft-malware-hunter-pro-free-license and get the pro version free

It is advisable to update the glarysoft malware with the latest version of its database. You should then boot your computer into safe mode to run the malware scan. This will mean less background process that can interfere or slowdown the scanning..

Malware Removal by Reinstalling Windows

The most assured way of removing malware or viruses is by reinstalling windows and formatting your hard drive. This mean a brand new installation of Windows.

You should note that there might be reinfection if you need some of your existing files that you have backed up before formatting the hard drive. Ensure that you scan the files for malware because introducing them into the clean installation of windows.


If you follow any of the above steps, your computer should now be working perfectly. If you are skeptical about the success of third party malware scanners, you can use the built-in Windows Defender antivirus. You just need to update the virus definition engine and scan.

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