NIMC virtual card

How to get your virtual NIGERIAN NATIONAL ID CARD

Getting the plastic Nigerian national ID card is a pain for most users who need it for international verification. Users have to wait for atleast 4 years before getting the plastic id card which is considered legitimate than the NIMC slip given to them during registration.

The National Identity Management Commission NIMC has decided to tackle this problem with the introduction of Virtual ID cards which can be generated in just 5 minutes. You only need the 11 digit National identification number NIN to generate your virtual ID card or e-id card.

How to get your Virtual Nigerian ID card in 5 mins?

  • Fill in the correct NIN information and your mobile number without the starting 0
  • Read the attestation and click I agree
  • Wait for the application to fetch your virtual ID card
  • Input a 4 or 6 digit PIN to protect your credentials.
  • Congratulations you can now view your virtual ID card by clicking Show My ID.
  • You can switch to full mode and also view the back of this virtual ID card.

It’s simple as ABC.

We hope you like this.

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