Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse to Humanity?

Man has find a way of evolving from time. In fact one of the quotes of men is that Change is always constant. It is impossible not to change.

Technology and humanity

Now Change happens within a blink of an eye that if you are not careful, you will get left out. This happened in a lot of sectors, and the major impact has been felt in the technology sector. The technology world finds a way of penetrating into all places. Technology is now considered the changer of life, but the question we need to ask is, has technology really help humanity?

Man has found a way of introducing tech and describing it in a very fantastic manner, painting it good. There are many transitions of things thanks go technology. For example, Man has found a solution of saving time and sending messages easily, from Typewriter to the First Computer now to Smartphones and Desktop. It is a big blessing to human. It keeps increasing.

The aim of Man is to help humanity, but is reverse not the case? Man has always found a way of exploring and to save lives. Malaria is a typical example. Malaria has claimed the lives of millions of people. During the era of colonization, Africa was said to be “ White Man Grave” because of this tiny dangerous mosquito. Now Mosquito can’t subtly dominate now, Man is overcoming already, even some countries are now malaria free, all thanks to improvement in Health. The question now is, Is this applicable to other parts too?

Weapons are now dominating the world with a lot of developed countries focusing on increasing their arsenal of weapons. Nuclear weapons, ballistic missile are getting a lot of attention now, just for the eradication of human’s life to shows superiority sake. In fact in the next half of a century, there are predictions that there may be another world war and it may be the most terrible in the history of human’s life due to the advancement in technology.

Technology can be described as a coin having two sides. It depends on where it falls. It has helped and also proved to be a path way to destruction.

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