Life after Life


Life After Life.

Have you ever wondered what you’ll have been if you were not created human, perhaps an animal, fish, tree or maybe even come as one of the stars.

All these and many other questions roll in through my mind after seeing all the struggles life has offered.

I sincerely believe that this life is over-hyped hence the cause of various violence that can be seen all over the place.

Most people do not believe in the after-life, but I can categorically say that we do not end here on earth, there is an eternal life after the one on earth.

Let’s rewind to the past when there was peace and communal living. Where is all that now?

Tribalism, racism, ethnocentrism, religious differences, hypocritism and a bunch of others have taken over rapidly, eating the remaining fraction of sanity left on earth.

Let’s leave all the blames we have in our hearts aside rather, let us take a few steps back to our own lives.

Are all the hatred, malice and jealousy worth the trouble?

All the struggle for wealth and fame? All the killings, stealings? I am greatly saddened that all this is now the order of the day.

But I am writing this to let us know that little by little we can start over, build our lives and in turn build our nation.

You know, a little help rendered can a put a smile on someones face, that one cup of rice, or that bottle of water can give someone the hope to live again.

We need not be Bill Gates or Dangote to help somebody in need, that little extra food that’s going to waste or that clothes, or that caring word you give to someone in need is enough to save a soul.

Needless to say, that people we look up to have come up to no good, the saying that some good people still remain still stands as you and I can make up the number.

As a teenager, people might say, I’ve not seen anything, yes, but I’ve heard and now I know enough to guide me through.

Sometimes I tend to wonder what stories I’ll tell my kids about my growing up. However, I know that every cloud has a silver lining, situations are not going to be bad forever.

We all know the truth, I need not write an epistle to explain this further.

Lets build our lives through hope and faith, preparing ourselves for the after life. We might even look foolish doing the right but we know at the back of our minds that we’re wise because we know that we’re not living for today but for the future.

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