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The month has been a blessing for Nigeria Football, surrounded by a lot of negative situations, we should be excited, if the ties changed.

The rise of Super Eagles in the FIFA ranking is a good approach to what we want. They did so after their Qualifier matches against Lesotho and Benin Republic. What happened to be the fans wildest dream became a reality.

The Super Eagles Captain, Ahmed Musa will be playing in Nigeria Professional Football League, even though it is for a short term, it boosted the image of the Nigeria Professional Football League.

We’ve thought the joy surrounding all these would last for long, only for us to be back to the norm, Vandrezzer FC pulled out of the League. This is issue shouldn’t have been a matter of discussion, this is not the first time Clubs pulling out of the League. Not one or two, some based on financial considerations, some for Officiating, and other for lame excuses.

Vandrezzer FC, take the fans of Nigeria football by surprise when they announced they’re leaving the league. This shock the football atmosphere in the Country. A team of great potential shouldn’t go. Why? They’re the most followed Club on Social Media in Nigeria, 37th most followed in Africa, and the fourth in terms of Publicity in Africa, even though they play in the Nigeria National League,( second division after NPFL).

vandrezzer fc

When it comes to Branding, the fans believed they have the European style, only for their joy to be cut short.

The NNL management fined Vandrezzer FC one million naira for absconding GO ROUND FC home game and also giving three points and three away goals on the basis of a work over. This prompts the Club to exist the league with immediate effect, and also from the harassment faced by Osun United fans on match day five.

If a match cannot take place or cannot be played in full for reasons other than force majeure, but due to the behaviour of a team or behaviour for which an association or a club is liable, the association or the club will be sanctioned with a minimum fine of CHF 10,000. The match will either be forfeited (cf.   art. 31) or replayed (cf. art. 31bis).

According to FIFA Disciplinary Code, Chapter 2, Section 2 talks about absconding a game says this

In serious cases, additional sanctions pursuant to art. 12 may be imposed on the association or club concerned.

With these laws, it is pertinent Vandrezzer FC will be punished.

However, should we be fighting over streaming of a football match in this Century. Fighting over the number of Cameras that will be  used shows where we are, and how we are rigid for a better development.

English Premier League Clubs used up to 30 cameras to broadcast games, VAR has been approved for Ghana League and we are here fighting over two to eight cameras. Disgusting, isn’t?

In the business wise of streaming these games, it is important to know that it is the sole responsibility of a the Organizer to have a Media partner in streaming their games. The English Premier League does that, at the same time gives media revenues to the Clubs.

However, here in NNL, there’s no such opportunities. In this regard, it’s necessary to say Vandrezzer FC can broadcast their home and away matches.

It’s also important to know that the Home Clubs can demand for a TV right, and in this NNL should come with the other clubs in discussing the monetary aspect with them in relating to Vandrezzer FC TV. The NNL management should seek endeavor from the other teams in view with line of fair play.

Despite all this, let’s hope for the best.

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