As I looked into the mirror, I can feel my mind going blank,
I think the longer I keep looking I’ll be able to see into my soul.
Is this what it feels like?, I don’t really understand anymore,
I think everything’s going in the alternate direction.
Can someone please pause the time.
It does feel like time is going backwards without any aim of progressing.
But I’ve tried or haven’t I ?,
I rose on my own now that sand is rapidly sinking.
Just yesterday I had plans of growing into a beautiful, one of a kind personality, with all the adequate recognition and fame and money, but it seems as though all that is going down the drain.
Oh Lord! What’s to become of me now.
Who am I going to blame for this downfall.
I can remember the ecstasy of “arriving” when I thought of what I’ll eventually become, where is all of that now?.
I think I need resuscitation in all spheres of my life, can somebody handcuff whoever said that all you need is to work and you’re going to make it,
those who told us that life is not as hard as it seem, all lies!,
I’ve not even started and the going is already this tough.
I think my eyes is now clear that life is going to be greatest feat I’ll ever overcome.
Is that a ray of light I see its reflection,
does this means I still have the chance?,
is it a sign of hope?,
God please save me now, yes I think I’m going to stand again no matter what has happened.
But I’ve been standing here for a long time without any hope, this ray of light brings a colorful hope.
I think I now know what to do now,
I’m going to stand tall and firm, look myself back in the mirror and regain confidence overload,
I’m going to make it no matter what the situations maybe and when I come to look in this mirror, I’ll be proud of what I’ve become.
I don’t need any body to dictate my life or the so called “society”,
Who is the society anyways?
What does it look like?
What does it wear?
All of these are just the measures of pulling dreams down.
However, I can do this alone, I’ll need your support, yes you!
This is not going to be easy for anybody individually no matter your background, we have to come together , join forces and save each other from this tiring journey of life so that when we look back at our reflections we’ll be happy with what we see.

We need to give each other HOPE to continue, in our little ways, in our societies, in whatever position we find ourselves, let’s all have it at the back of our minds that a little KINDNESS is what the world needs .

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