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Football discussion: The best goal in history I have seen

This best goal in history is a complicated topic to write on due to the thousands of goals been scored every season.

I am an Arsenal fan and a great Ronaldo fan. I have seen a different kind of goals from Arsenal and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bergkamp one-touch flick and goal to Henry many solo goals, to Wilshere complete goal versus Norwich, to Walcott wonder goal vs Newcastle or Ramsey goal vs Galatasaray, to Olivier Giroud scorpion kick. I have seen them all. I have also seen Ronaldo midfield goals, golazos, incredible bicycle kick against Juventus, and impossible headers. I have seen them all. Ibrahimovic superb goal against England has been dubbed the best goal of all time, but that does not do it for me.

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The best goal in history shouldn’t be a common goal. It should carry weight and be of considerable significance to the player, team, commentator, fans, and footballing world.

Three goals fit in here and they include Zidane UCL final goal against Bayer Leverkusen in the UCL final 2002, Kostas Manolas excellent header against Barcelona in the UCL that got Peter Drury drooling and then the last one which is my best goal in history Sergio Leonel Aguero del Castillo also known as Kun Aguero. Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal against QPR in the 2011/2012 EPL season is my best goal in history. It is a goal that carries so much weight and significance. Manchester city’s first top-flight English title since 1968 came from the boots of Kun Aguero in the last kick of the game in the final seconds of the season. They won the league on goal difference.

Tell me a better story than this.

Let me tell you mine before you tell me yours.

I was in the university during this 2011/2012 EPL season, and the final matchday of the season got many people supporting Manchester city to win the title. They are playing relegation-threatened QPR in the Etihad who have the worst away record in the league. They lead Manchester United on goal difference and need to win to get the title.

It was so easy, but QPR had other plans. Manchester United had already taken the league in the 20th minute against Sunderland and was leading the table. The ball house where I was watching the match got wild. The Manchester United fans were jubilating and hoping Manchester city somehow lose. Their waves of laughter turned to tears when Pablo Zabaleta scored in the 39th minute. I believe this is game over, and Manchester City will continue the demolition.

The in-form Djibril Cisse hit one back in the 48th minute, and it was all jubilation again. A Joey Barton red card in the 55th minute and Mackie 66th minute goal changed everything for Manchester city. This is unbelievable.

All sorts of songs were going on in the ball house. Manchester city manager Mancini responded by bringing on Mario Balotelli and Edin Dzeko to the existing Carlos Tevez and Kun Aguero. That’s 4 fucking strikers on the pitch. Everything was all forward play, and they dominated possession played corners around 18 corners with more than 30 shots and over 13 on targets.

You will think it is a world war. The bombardment was too much. QPR defense held still. They know a loss can consign them to relegation, and they are having none of that. Five minutes extra time came, and Edin Dzeko scored in the 92nd minute. Hart was a midfielder at this stage. Everyone poured forward in search of the winning goal. Supersport already split the TV screen into 2. Manchester United are through with their match and awaiting the Manchester city result. There is uncertainty in the air.

Aguero qpr goal

Excellent work from the falling Mario Balotelli saw Aguero get the ball in the QPR box and turned the ball into a rocket destined for the net. He got it right this time. The celebrations both on-field and in the ball house was crazy.

Aguero took off his shirt, running around the pitch. Martin Tyler burst into a shout of Agueroooooo…. I swear you will never see anything like this ever again, so watch it, drink on it.

It was a befitting end to the season. A title-winning goal with the last goal of the season, last kick of the season, and last seconds of the season. I lost my voice that day, and Manchester United fans couldn’t believe what just happened. Kun Aguero just stole the title from them.

It is my greatest goal of the season, and you will never see anything like this ever again.

What do you think about this?

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