The Complete Guide to Earning Free Cryptocurrency Online

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that has been in existence for over ten years, and it’s struggling to gain worldwide acceptance. A total market cap of around $205bn indicates the skepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies.

earn free cryptocurrency online

Many don’t believe in it yet hence, the need for this post. This article will cover the main ways that can be used to earn free cryptocurrency online.


crypto airdrop

Airdrops are the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to earn free cryptocurrencies online. The idea behind airdrops is just telling users about a new product and giving them some for free.

For example, A newly opened barbershop in an area will need customers to patronize his business. The barber most times will organize free haircuts for the first few days. This is for people to see how good he is and for him to win their patronage.

This is the same thing with airdrops. There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies with many use cases. You need a strong use case and visibility to gain acceptance; hence, the need for airdrops.

Participating in an airdrop is simple and straightforward. You need to follow the rules which may include joining the coin Telegram group, following their twitter account and retweeting the pinned post, liking their Facebook page, and referring users to join the airdrop. Once you are done with all the necessities, you drop a compatible wallet to get your coin.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn from airdrops. You only need to follow the rules and earn your free cryptocurrency online.

Coinbase earn

coinase earn

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange website, especially in the United States. While coinbase allows users to buy and sell crypto, it also enables users to earn several cryptocurrencies free of charge.

Coinbase earn is like a cryptocurrency learning academy where users are taught how specific cryptos work free of charge. In addition to enlightening users, they also give them these cryptos to try out themselves after completing a quiz on the lessons learned.

The following cryptocurrencies can be earned for free on Coinbase earn.

  • Orchid – Users can earn $52 OXT for learning more about the privacy-focused cryptocurrency and passing the quiz.
  • Tezos – $6 worth of the safety-focused cryptocurrency can be earned free of charge on completion of the learning and quiz.
  • Eos – $50 EOS is up for grab on successful completion of the course and quiz.
  • Stellar Lumens – $50 XLM can be earned free when you complete the course and pass the quiz.

You can sign up for Coinbase now to start earning free cryptocurrency online. You can join Coinbase earn to start earning your free cryptocurrency.


Don’t be alarmed. We are neither mining bitcoin nor precious metals but mining cryptocurrencies online with our smartphone.

Electroneum allows users to mine ETN directly from their phones. This mined etn can be used to purchase airtime or data directly from the ETN application. Setting up the application does not take 5mins.

Pi is another cryptocurrency that can be mined from your smartphone. It is a new cryptocurrency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 3.5 million members worldwide. Get started with mining pi now by following this link and use my username (zonefund) as your invitation code.


There are many bounties for cryptocurrencies. Some of them include bug bounties, translation bounties, blog posts bounties, and social media bounties.

The bounty campaign is released to the general public, and anyone who completes it is rewarded with the cryptocurrency.


crypto referrals

Referrals are a passive way to earn free cryptocurrency online. You only need to register on the cryptocurrency exchange website. You will be given your referral code to invite friends.

For example, you can earn up to 40% commission every time your friends make a trade on Binance. Every exchange has its own referral rule and reward.

Join Binance and earn a 10% commission with my referral link when you complete a trade on Binance now.


You can also earn free cryptocurrency from betting. There are betting faucets that give free credits to play with. These credits are withdrawable when you hit a specific limit.

Brosgn gives free 10,000 credits for users to play slots, roulette, blackjack, dice, blamebeth bingo, Celsius’ Kinky Wheel, and video poker. This allows you to accumulate more credits that can be withdrawn once you reach 50,000 credits. This is redeemable for Hive in the ratio of 10,000 credits to 1 hive.

Sign up on Brosgn now to get started.

Dpos blogging platforms

There are many delegated proof of stake blogging platforms that allow you to earn free cryptocurrency when you publish original articles there. I wrote about Scorum that rewards sports contents published on their site.

There is also Hive that rewards the original contents of any category.

This guide has exposed you to many ways you can earn free cryptocurrency online. You can take advantage of this guide to start earning in cryptocurrency now.

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