The Lady I never dated

The festive period occurs annually and reaches its climax after all the necessary rituals has been done. The next thing left is for the legs begins to wander as the melody of dance and sweetness of voices worries you.

Beautiful lady

It is one of my visit has a Journalist to capture the fascinating festival parties. That’s where I saw this beautiful damsel whose beauty caught my eye. I have seen several ladies, but this is a whale in the sea. Starting from her hair that was well plait, her skin radiates, looks neat and lovely. I said to myself, this one must not go.

Only if I know what awaits me, I would have reconsidered my thoughts.

Seconds into minutes, minutes turn to hours and days also turned to years that we have been dating. We hardly fight, we respect and love each other. It was love in Tokyo like many Nigerians say.

Years gone and we took a further step. We were close to getting married until this funny thing happened.

It was a day to our wedding. I told my fiancee who is already sleeping to get me a knife to cut what I want to eat. The next thing I got was a slap from my Mum waking me up to get ready for School.

It’s all Dreams. I miss the lady I never dated.

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