Theory or Practical: What is the way forward for the educational system in Nigeria?

Practical or theory

From 8am to 4pm almost everyday, starting from the pains of finding Socks to having Test in the first class. We hear congratulations when we graduated from the Tertiary Institution only to get out of the school wall and face the reality of life. You keep hearing you aren’t qualified or not well equipped in every job interview.

A sad reality to almost Nigerian graduates who graduated from the Country higher institutions. This has been the problem and may not be answered so easily. This brings a lot of questions, but the one here is the most vital. Practical or Theoretical Education? What do we really need?

I have seen countless of answers to this question. A lot of things really need to be changed before we can get it right. We find it difficult to invent anything, we can’t even operate Computers, but when it comes to reading and cramming, we are good at thay. That’s all we have been taught in Schools. You see many lecturers teaching students with the same educational materials used during their days. Students have few days to read massive volume of texts before exam. The only way to survive this is cramming.

The time to answer the questions, what do we really need? Theoretical or Practical? The answer is not far fetched, We need the both. Nothing can be learnt without first putting some down or writing it into a book.

Theories and Practical should be well encouraged. The reason is that, if the two are practiced well, it produced a better result. They always say practice makes perfect, so let the Nigeria Educational System encourage practicality. Enough of drawing a Computer on the board without not even know how it is in real life.

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