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The stocks market took a huge dip thanks to the coVid19 pandemic. The lockdown didn’t help matters too. Most countries economy shut down and stimulus packages were given to alleviate citizens suffering.

Countries are opening up now and economies are picking up. Some football leagues have resumed and many other sectors have scheduled a date for reopening. This is good news for the stocks market and you should position yourself for the post Covid19 era.

Post Covid19 era will be bearish for some sectors. It will take some time for the sectors to heal and they are best avoided.

The go-to sector is the technology and consumer sector. Business opening back mean more demand for goods and services.

The top 5 stocks Nairatag recommend on the long term right now can be seen below.


Nokia stocks

Finnish tech company Nokia (NYSE:NOK) has lost much of its value. They are not the same company with stock valued at $50 in the early 2000s. The possibility of Nokia stock trading above $50 is unrealistic right now.

If you love 5g, you should love what Nokia is trying to do. According to what Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri, Going forward, the company intends to “accelerate our product roadmaps and cost competitiveness through additional 5G investments in 2020.”

5g is the future and Nokia is one of the tech companies championing that cause. Nokia recently achieved a world record 5G speed of up to 4.7 gigabits (billions of bits) per second. This shows that Nokia intends to position itself as a market leader. The speed record took place on base station equipment being deployed in major US commercial networks.

This is another major win for America in the impending cold war against China. Nokia might be a Finnish company but this record is considered an America achievement.

If you are bullish on 5G, you should be bullish on Nokia too. Nokia stocks is trading at $3.95 and there is no better time to purchase it than now.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc

Bed Bath & Beyond (Nasdaq:BBBY) operates a nationwide chain of retail stores. It’s a merchandise company that sells home furnishings.

They belong to the consumer sector and look to get back on their feet in post Covid19 era. It’s currently trading at $7.27 and there is chances of that doubling in months to come.


Consumer spending during this Coronavirus pandemic is at its lowest ebb. Most businesses have shutdown and spendings on goods and services also reduced. These have effect on credit card processors out there. They make money from people swiping their cards at supermarkets, malls, cinemas.

Post Covid19 era is here and they are about to reap it’s benefit. There will be lots of swiping soon to minimise contact with paper money.

MasterCard trades at $300.89 presently and that won’t stay for long. I expect an increase in price soon.

What do you think about these stocks? Nigerians can start investing in foreign stocks from.the comfort of their house

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