What are we celebrating


I was woken up to the sound of an alarm, the voice in my head started ringing. Happy Independence, I said to who and for whom? Then a quick thought raced through my mind. The thought showed the leaking cracks that a Nation is celebrating. What are we really doing?

Nigeria at 60

When will we arise and shine?
When we will take up the mantles?
How come? Everything can be stolen, including our maze.
In the dearth and depth of a Nation without great things?
The voices of my head speaks forth, our campaigns, we are only presented with maize?
Where celebrating the death, as become a thing of lightning the Candle?
Decades, half a century with no progress
Where the giant is falling
Even though we have a ruling party called progressives
All has been a level of cheating,
Development is rare, what we hear is corruption without measure.
How can we grow, when the sweet melody of what we listened to is power assaulting
Are we still going to rise?
Fractions are being broken, what if? Is the next question
Divided by religion, corruption, sentiments and at last united in crises
Who are we going to call? Arewa, Oduduwa, Biafria all agitating for great concerns.
Nigeria, we hail thee?
Sixty years and counting
Who do we offend?
Gently, waiting for the Messiah
Who seemed not to come
Are we going to continue suffering
And call it enjoying… .
Who are we?
Poor, masses, suffering, sick is our nicknames
With leaders doing exploitatively well.
Are we going to give up?
Will 9ja be in our past memories

Questions, we never see answers to.

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