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Words that kills

Have you seen Taiwo? She has bleached all her body. She bleached all her skin. If you see Taiwo now, you will think, she is a white woman. Same here too, I heard that too.

Suicidal thoughts
Suicidal thoughts

Let me tell you what you don’t know. Do you remember our childhood friend Emeka. Yes, I know him, that ugly duckling. What happened? He went for plastic surgery, unfortunately he lost his life during the process. Ah, he is still handsome like that, I even had a crush on him during those years, I was just following the trend then. I have killed someone!

While this scenario above is a work of fiction, it is also not far from reality. Talk, actions, and body shaming, towards people contributes directly or indirectly. In fact, our day to day lifestyles towards people can’t be overemphasized. It plays a major role in their life. What they think, their perspective about life and things. Their actions reflected our behavior towards them.

Currently, the cases of suicides and attempted suicides is very high. In fact a study shows that 3 out of 10 teenagers are depressed. Same goes to the older ones.

Lack of self Esteem has been one of the major cause. People don’t value themselves any longer thus resulting to a solution, called Suicide.

Those words that you meant, that you speak, you just made a random joke about it. Your actions, that hiss, that sighs, that facial and racial abuse with some tribalistic sentiment. Do you know? Those words actually affected them, it discourages, if proper care is not taken, you may send your loved ones to death with the words of your mouth.

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