Career change


ALONE Alone I sat on my hospital bed in the company of provisions laying on the metallic cupboard bedside it, with bottles of injections, comforted with hose connected to a plastic bag stopping with a syringe pierced into my skin. My serenity lies on that plastic bag of chemical. I feel pain so I dooze […]

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Career change


Glaring into the mirror, the tears flowed downTears of painTears of sorrowTears of regretWhy did it have to be me?I looked with feared eyes, sweaty forehead andWith a heavy heart looking for hopeI screamed with a dead soul and torn clothesFighting in pain for my lifeDid you know how it hurt when you took my

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I Am Black

We are who we areWe didn’t choose to be black skinnedOur forefathers didn’t eitherWe came with itIt’s in our gene and our bloodAnd we are going to keep birthing blacksto make thingsAccompanied with black afroPopping out melanin with caramel smooth skin.Ngaikedi © Precious

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Life after Life

Life After Life. Have you ever wondered what you’ll have been if you were not created human, perhaps an animal, fish, tree or maybe even come as one of the stars. All these and many other questions roll in through my mind after seeing all the struggles life has offered. I sincerely believe that this

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As I looked into the mirror, I can feel my mind going blank,I think the longer I keep looking I’ll be able to see into my soul.Is this what it feels like?, I don’t really understand anymore,I think everything’s going in the alternate direction.Can someone please pause the time.It does feel like time is going

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